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Aisle Runners
Aisle Runners Discontinued until Further Notice
Our non-slip Aisle Runner is made from a cotton/polyester material with a foam backing. They are very neat and strong they can be used on grass, beach or any soft ground it won't rip. The Aisle Runner is easy to clean, can be spot cleaned or can be washed in a washing machine.
The foam backing means it will not slip, when the runner is stood on the foam backing compresses against the surface below and grips so it shouldn't slip. These runners are design for weddings and events unlike carpet they are thinner and lighter but not see through. As they are thinner they are not a trip hazard, cheaper to deliver and long runners are easier carried and rolled into place. With them being cotton/polyester material with a foam backing any wrinkles will flatten out very quickly and will stay flat.

The Aisle Runners are all 42" inches wide and can be bought in different lenghts, from 10ft up to 150ft.



                Plain Aisle Runners                          Ex Display Runners



                         Personalize Aisle Runners                     Aisle Runner Colours


Shipping/Delivery only available to UK and Ireland customers. Please allow 4-8 weeks for personalized(if applicable) and delivery.